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For the following Content : Roadmaster Limousine & Car Service, East End Wine Tasting Tours, Wine Tasting Long Island, Wine Touring on Long Island  (Service of Roadmaster Limousine & Car Service Inc) –  


1. All reservations require major credit card on FILE. (10% down payment (non refundable) Check required with (5) days of receipt of Reservation form (non Bus). A (10%) down payment via Check is Required for ALL Buses. Cancellation within (10) Days of the Tour will result in Additional 25% Charge (non Bus). Cancellation of a Bus within a (14 day) window will be charged 25% of the Original Contract.

 2. Wine Tastings & Costs can change as per Vineyard discretion. Will update and notify customer if change will impact reservation price.
 3. Prices quoted based on number people sharing cost of vehicle. Lowering qty people, after initiated date of reservation, will result in either increase price per person OR the number of people on reservation will be the minimum amount of people that WILL pay. There will be  NO refund for having less people on the day of the tour than what was originally contracted for.

 4. Payment type discussed at reservation initiation.

 5. Cancellation Charges will apply without proper notice from Customer . Select wineries will request payment if groups of 6 or more cancel within 48-72 hrs on weekends or "day-of". Wineries are entitled to payment for reserved "spot".

 6. We (Roadmaster & Co's) reserve the right to substitute vehicles in case of accident or mechanical issues beyond our control.

 7. "Extra Hours -Add'l Cost" - if vehicle does NOT depart on time or if extra stops (as per customer request) are not on the schedule thereby preventing the  vehicle from arriving at the predetermined drop off time, the extra hourly rate will apply. 

 8. Motion sickness suffering in vehicle - $400 min fee!-

 9. Please NO Glitter glasses inside our vehicles 

 10. NO SMOKING ANYTHING . Please respect our Vehicle Property 

 11. Reservations are “live” on days of RAIN; with the exception of Super Storms and snow storms that can close roads and the Vineyards. There will be NO refund on days of Rain.

 12. Roadmaster Limousine and Car Service (East End Wine Tasting Tours ™) and its affiliates will not be responsible for delays caused by weather, road or traffic conditions, mechanical failure or any other conditions beyond our control. 

13.  There will be no refund when the AC (air conditioning fails). Sometimes we will give credit, all depends on the situation.

We've learned - Vehicles are machines and as such, even though we practice preventative maintenance we can’t promise AC will always work well in vehicles 100% of the time.   If AC doesn’t work or doesn’t work properly stay calm and you will still have a wonderful day. Of course we all want AC and most of the time AC works in all vehicles.  AC in large vehicles, 6 passenger and higher, well it's another story.  We've learned that by opening the front windows and opening back windows just a bit to circulate air, we can still transport guests with minimal discomfort – with a breeze generated from the open front windows.  AC always seems to work great in our  Sedans, Vans and  SUVs.   However - in 6 passenger limousine and larger vehicles - including coach/buses- AC  at times present  problems.   Everyone’s body temperature goes up a little on wine tour days as they are usually consuming alcohol…so make sure you drink  water before leaving home and you'll stay cooler no matter what!. When the door opens on a limo or bus, the vehicle can take 5 to 7 minutes to cool down again. A fan can stop blowing the cool air or heat at any time.   This is a machine part.   On high humidity days, very warm days the fan over works and then stops.  Same with new or old AC fans...they over heat and then stop working.    On occasion a Limo goes over a pot hole which causes a fuse to loosen and the AC stops.   Most of the time….AC will go back on a little while later.   There is no cash refund when AC doesn't work properly.  Air conditioning should be turned off when limo is idling.   Sometimes a client demands that the driver keep the AC on while idling 5 minutes.    When we do this….most often  the compressor dies and then we are without AC  the rest of the day and night.   The compressor can break on a new vehicle just as easy as on an older vehicle.  AC is a never ending problem for limo and bus  companies and that’s why we talk about it up front!

 No matter what preventative maintenance we do, AC is unpredictable and when problems occur, we ask driver and passengers to stay calm.   When AC stops working, drivers get all upset as well as passengers.    Drivers will open both front windows… all the way… to allow maximum breeze to circulate through to the back to make everyone as comfortable as possible.   In this situation, back windows should also be opened no more than 1 in. so that air is pulled from  front windows and circulates better.    Very rarely does AC fail but when it does......If everyone stays calm……you’ll feel the breeze from the driver’s windows.    No one can predict when AC will fail.   On most wine tour days, there usually isn’t a replacement limo available.   If there is…..we most certainly try to exchange limos….if time and distance permits.

 On high temperature days where humidity is also high....AC system gets over worked and often completely stops working.    Leaks in the system can occur at any time in new and older vehicles.   When clients first enter a limo, they are anxious and click all buttons.   Quite often the problem is that the heat button is pressed instead of AC.   Sometimes driver can add coolant to AC and that does the trick -   sometimes it doesn't. AC is the one aspect of the limo/bus business that is a problem every year during warm weather for all transportation companies.   After 20 years of experience, we feel it is most important to address the AC problems up front.   When everyone stays calm, you’ll feel the heat much less… than when you let yourself get angry and upset.   Stay calm and before you know it, you’ll be at your destination!  
REFUNDS  - Vehicles  leave main office with  AC (or heat) working.   After vehicle accepted  & used…Refunds, if and when justified,  are given only in form of service credits.   Cash refunds are not given when something goes wrong and the AC or heat ceases to function.    As a courtesy to let passengers know the company understands, Roadmaster Limousine and Car Service and most other companies give courtesy service credits when deemed appropriate.   If we don't show up for service - a cash refund is justified.   If something happens and we must end service, Yes  a partial cash refund would be justified. Certain types of problems deserve a refund, if and when justified, refunds are  only given  in form of service credits.   We want our passengers happy.   We work with people, machines, traffic and weather.  We do proper maintenance but parts/machines do break and we never know when.  Often we cannot repair heat or AC problem until next day. 

 We consider timeliness and safety in traveling - the most important issues.    It is not feasible to keep an extra limo in the garage just in case something goes wrong or ceases to function in a vehicle.   Sometimes, on the way to a pick up or during service, AC or something else can cease to work.    We are not happy when a mechanical part doesn't work properly.  Vehicles are machines and machines can develop problems at any time. However, we've realized customers much happier when we show up instead of cancelling because something happened to AC.        


 Please make sure you get familiar with our (RML) terms, conditions and cancellation policy.


The client assumes full financial liability for any damage to the limousine caused during the duration of the rental by them or any members of their party.

 Drug use is prohibited by law. Any fines will be paid for by the customer.

 The driver has the right to terminate run without refund (if there is blatant indiscretion on the part of the client(s)).

 It is Illegal to stand through the sunroof. Smoking is not permitted in our limousines.

RML is not liable in the event of mechanical breakdown while on charter and will only be responsible for making up lost time at a mutually agreed date.

 RML Limousine does not accept responsibility for delayed travel time due to unforeseen weather, traffic, road conditions or delays beyond our control. This list is not exhaustive.

 RML Limousine is not responsible for articles left in limousines/sedans.

 Balances to be paid to the driver on the run date before the beginning of the run unless paid with a previously authorized credit card.

 Vehicles cannot be loaded beyond seating capacity. Note capacity on our website under airports and wine tours.

In case of detention of the vehicle during transit due to mechanical failure, accident or injury etc. (RML) strives to ensure its delivery, with either one of their other vehicles or with an affiliate Limousine Company. An affiliate limousine company shall continue the reservation to the best of their ability and will drive the vehicle adhering to all NYS motor vehicle laws.

RML shall not be liable whatsoever to customer for any financial terms beyond the service provided if there is a delay in reaching their intended destination caused by accident (non-injury), mechanical failure, Act of God, traffic, etc (This list is not exhaustive). All complaints must be received with (5) business days after the date of the event.


Wine Tours – There is a (72) hour cancellation Policy. A deposit of 15% of the total amount is do at time of booking for ALL BUSES and is nonrefundable when the reservation is for 14+ Guests. This down payment shall be payable by Check. Reservations are finalized after receipt of signed reservation form. Unless otherwise specified, all reservations require a major credit card, whether or not reservation is paid with CC, cash or check. Wine Flight pricing are subject to change as per Vineyard discretion. We will notify customer of price will impact reservation.




  *(Warranties / Disclaimer: Roadmaster Limousine Service / East End Wine Tasting Tours .com/ /“Roadmaster Limo”) has no direct affiliation with any wineries, hotels, or restaurants in terms of compensation other than for the transportation and wine tour service it provides. Several wineries may advertise or recommend Roadmaster Limo for weddings and other transportation services on their website or by allowing brochures or business cards to be distributed at their retail sites. Packages may be offered in conjunction with limousine service, wine tasting, and hotel or Bed & Breakfast to provide a convenience to visitors. Restaurant suggestions are based on past reservations by either our regular or wine tasting guests. Roadmaster Limo has rights to and is one of many services offered by the company. Roadmaster Limo is not an authorized food handler. Lunch is offered by “Roadmaster Limo” through licensed food markets mentioned on this website. Any/all food allergies will be taken in consideration as long as clients inform Roadmaster Limo or the distributors of food products. Roadmaster Limo does not condone the abuse of alcohol. Roadmaster Limo client assumes full responsibility for his/her guests in regards to the consumption of alcohol in Roadmaster Limousine property, as well as behavior in wineries, restaurants and other accommodations. Roadmaster Limo client assumes to pay all replacement value of any articles that are damaged, broken or missing inside transportation provided by Roadmaster Limo. There is a minimum charge of $500.00 for client’s and their party suffering motion sickness .The client assumes full responsibility for personal articles brought into the Roadmaster transportation and indemnifies Roadmaster Limo against claims or damages related to items brought to or inside the vehicles. Roadmaster Limo does not condone the hiring of our vehicles for illegal purposes. We assume NO responsibility for illegal actions by our clients in our vehicles or in other locations other than Roadmaster Limo property. If the client or his/her guests verbally or physically threaten the chauffeur/driver or make demands that may violate the contract or reservation that can possibly bring harm or damage to the Roadmaster Limo property, driver and/or clients, use any illegal drugs or substances in the coach section of the vehicle, or if the chauffeur/driver determines that a minor is using drugs or alcohol, the service can be terminated with NO refunds of any monies. Roadmaster Limousine / East End Wine Tasting is not responsible for party after they have exited their vehicle at the end of their reservation. Roadmaster Limo does not serve alcohol in their vehicles. If client and their party bring alcohol on board, they are solely responsible for their actions. Roadmaster Limo will not allow the dropping off of clients at their vehicles or parking lots if the driver identifies an abuse of alcohol. Roadmaster Limo/East End Wine Tasting will make reservations at vineyards as per the client’s instructions or choice of wineries. The wine tasting “fees” are paid for by our clients direct to the vineyard tasting room, unless previous arrangements for transaction are made between clients and tasting room. Total costs for wine tasting fees and optional lunch will be deducted from the quote prior to the reservation date. The customer is responsible for payment to Roadmaster Limo for the transportation provided which will include base rate, gratuity, fuel fee, tolls (if applicable) and NYS sales tax.

Parties of 9  or more passengers will be handled by an authorized carrier. Vehicles will be regulated by N.Y.S. (New York State) D.O.T. (Department of Transportation)



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