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Long Island Wine Tasting Tours

 Wine Touring & Tasting on Long Island

          Join us for a Wine Tour on Long Island. Our Wine Tasting and Tour package offerings can range from the most economical to the higher end Long Island Wineries. There is a little bit for everyone in Long Island Wine Country. So no matter your budget, we offer or create a wine tour package to fit your requirements. We now offer over (40) Long Island Vineyards and Breweries and are intimate with the wine offerings and the group polices for each respective venue. We at East End Wine Tasting Tours, do NOT charge you for a CUSTOMIZED wine tour; however the costs are based on pricing presented by each respective vineyard.

Our Pricing WILL INCLUDE Wine Tasting Fees/Costs. We have over 135 options with pricing on every winery, tastings,. tours, private tours, exclusive Lunches and more. We are offering less options now, as per Covid-19 restrictions at the wineries and other venues.

You may be thinking, why does East End Wine Tasting Tours™ have over 90 individual options?

Well, we try to offer our potential clients the most selection to choose from and in addition, allows us to create numerous suggestions or packages based on a visitor's request. Most Long Island wineries have restrictions or group policies for groups arriving by for-hire vehicles, including limos and buses as well as certain group sizes, time slot restrictions and certain types of groups.

Visitors may be unaware that there are more than the 'usual' 6 or 7 wineries that most tour companies may promote to get your business. Or you may be unaware of potential issues that may arise when visiting a venue, thinking you will be getting something and you find out on the day of your tour that this will not be the case. When you are spending your "good money" on a tour, you just want to be certain of what you will be receiving, at least this is what we think. East End Wine Tasting Tours does not push clients to particular wineries for our benefit. We just want all of our potential clients to know what they have chosen.

Following are Answers to frequently asked questions: ( Covid-19 may affect this)

1. How does East End Wine Tasting Tours determine what is economical, mid range and
Economical / Party / Lower mid range are in the $10 to $15/pp per venue costing.
Mid Range are in the $15 - $19/pp per venue costing
Premium is in the $20/pp up to $95/pp per venue; as well as a few "ultimate options" in the $95 - $270/pp  
per venue range.
 (Note: The Nomenclature describing the vineyard categories is strictly our own and based on over 10 years 
                 experience. The Pricing is set forth by the respective wineries / breweries / Venues. 

2. What time do the Wine Tours start?
Depends on where the pickup location is for your outing. The Wineries are 'generally" open from 11AM to
5/6PM... a few are earlier and a few are open later depending on the season. NYC Pickups are generally  
around 8:30 - 9 AM, as there is a 2.5 to 3 hr ride each way, pickups in Nassau / Suffolk around 10 to 11 AM.

3. Do you require a deposit?
 Yes a 10% deposit and 15% deposit on all buses - paid on major CC or a corporate check' the remainder is
 due in cash day of tour (95% of our tours are paid in cash - as this is discounted payment)

4. Do all the Venues permit our own foodies, Birthday cakes, etc?
 (9) Venues out of (40) permit your own food or our Boxed Lunches.(No premium wineries)
 (2) Wineries out of the (9) permit your own food/boxed Lunches "Inside with Reserved seating" in case of
 inclement weather. (1) of those (2) Wineries allows this option up to May 1 only.
 Birthday Cakes are basically prohibited; there may be 1 or 2 wineries permitting this.
 Cakes are offered at RGNY on their Premium ++ options; Manor House, Anakin's or Rose Garden Options.

5. Do any of the Wineries offer Lunch?
 (1) Winery is deemed a restaurant and provides combo wine tasting and lunch. (Jamesport Vineyard) 
 Another Winery offers a lunch/glass of wine combination, on Saturdays, after Mothers Day weekend.
 Greenport Harbor Brewery has a self serve style restaurant.
 The Old Field vineyard offers a boxed lunch/tour/tasting option from Spring thru November.

6. Food Trucks??
The town of Southold has a ban on Food Trucks at the vineyards for nearly (2) years. Why?. It is an
ongoing saga. 75% of all the vineyards are located in Southold. We know of a couple wineries that defy the
ban and rather pay a fine as they prefer that guests have something in their stomach to counter the wine
consumption. In Riverhead town, you will find food trucks on weekends only at Palmer, RGNY, LI Spirits,
& Jamesport Farm Brewery.
If your group is small - under 12 people - we recommend North Fork Table's Food Truck in their parking
lot. They have a few tables, huge trees with plenty of shade and best food truck, we think. 1 Hr Extra time would need to be allocated.

7. Do the Wineries offer Tours?
 Yes, approximately (9-10) Venues offer tours and they all charge for it. The tours are packaged with tastings
 and some with cheese. Tours generally range from $45/pp to $65/pp, others $75 to $110/pp per  
 venue..with a few tours offered by Wolffer Estate, in the Hamptons, for $90, $150 and $270/pp

8. Can we bring our own alcoholic beverages in Vehicles?
 Yes you can as long as everyone is 21 years and older/or there is a legal guardian/parent on board if alcohol
 is involved and a minor is present. Our company does not provide any alcohol. Just Water, Ice, Cup setup.
 Alcohol is banned from all vineyards, breweries etc. Coolers are banned. Keep silo cups in vehicle when
 exiting as security at the venues will be on top of that.
 FYI: If you desire a meaningful wine tasting experience, best to refrain from alcohol.

9. Is there Entertainment / Live Bands / DJ's at the Venues?
On Saturdays / Sundays - primarily from 1 PM onward there is Music ranging from solo musician to 3-5
piece bands at approximately (15) Wineries / Breweries. DJ's are no longer performing after the fallout and
demise of Vineyard 48.

10. When we have a Reservation what does that really entail?
A reservation at a particular winery / Venue does not necessarily mean you have a reserved seat/table service. All Guests arriving by for-hire Vehicle or Limos / Buses must have a reservation and this just entitles Guests to "enter" a property. Very few venues allows a for-hire vehicle without a reservation, especially weekends.

11. Ok, what do we have to do to get a Reserved Table or guaranteed seating?
Reserved or guaranteed seating is NOT available at most Economical / Popular Mid range Wineries.
Most Better "Mid Range" Wineries and nearly all Premium Costing Wineries have Reserved Seating; Some have just guaranteed seating inside and / or Outside and a select few wineries have both.
Approximately (19) Venues have Reserved Seating inside.
Approximately (16) Venues have Reserved Seating outside; many the same as Inside.

12. Can we choose our own Wineries / Breweries ?
If you desire to do so, you can click on the following link to choose from a host of venues. BUT please be advised, it is best to review the option when choosing them, for the restrictions, descriptions of the venue etc.. - BUT we can always make any corrections / substitutions when we provide quotes via email.
You can also complete a contact form.

    Updated 04.01.2021

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Vehicles transporting 9 or more Guests, shall be subject to New York State Department of Transportation  (D.O.T.) rules and regulations. All of our vehicles, as well as our affiliates comply with said regulations. There will be no overloading of Limousines/Buses, D.O.T. compliance or not.
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