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Wine Tours from NYC

Why not take a ride out from NYC to the vineyards on the East End of Long Island and experience what East End Wine Tasting Tours has to offer. We provide pickups in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and the Bronx. In some situations we also encourage groups to take the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) from Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn to main hubs out East including Babylon and Ronkonkoma, where a prearranged vehicle will be waiting to begin your East End excursion the Long Island wine country.

You may think, what does East End Wine Tours have to offer that is different from any other Long Island wine tour company.
Our Tour options span over 40 Long Island wineries, breweries and cider venues. In addition, East End Wine Tours has over 140 individual pricing options that allows us to create numerous suggestions / packages which in some cases are based on the size of the group, type of group and the vehicle you will be touring with on your wine tour excursion. When you have this many options to choose from, we can't possibly list all these packages on our website(s). The Wineries and other Long Island venues also have time slot restrictions as well as rules on boxed lunches, your own food and in some cases, vineyard food options. We happen to be thoroughly familiar with each North Fork and South Fork (Hamptons)  vineyard, brewery and cider or spirit venues thereby enabling us to create numerous package ideas based on the requests of visitors.


A Wine Tasting Tour on Long Island with pickups and drop offs in most of the five (5) boroughs, "Mid Town" Manhattan, Brooklyn, Western Queens and the Bronx will require a minimum of a (10) Hour Day, which normally includes (3) Venue stops and optional Boxed Lunch.
A Wine Tour with a pickup and drop off on Staten Island will generally have an (11) Hour Day for a general (3) Venue stop and optional Boxed Lunch.
From Flushing Queens west to Nassau Border can have a minimum of (9) Hours for a general 3 Venue Tour day.
Downtown Manhattan, West Side or Upper Manhattan can see a minimum of (11) Hours, depending on the class of vehicle and day of week due to traffic concerns.

Some Visitors may ask "why 10 hours as a minimum from NYC"? The travel time from NYC to the East End is generally 2.5 to 3 hours, especially coming out of Manhattan and downtown Brooklyn.

Our Quotations to you will include applicable Tolls, based on the vehicle class as well as the rates on the day of the quote.

Mass transportation options combined with our wine tour service is the Long Island Rail Road, commonly known as the LIRR. Groups can take the railroad from NYC or Zone 1 to Babylon or Ronkonkoma. From Babylon, the minimum duration of a ‘typical’ wine tour will be (7) hours, while a Ronkokoma pickup will have a minimum of a (6) hour ‘typical’ wine tour duration.
As of Feb 2020, the round trip LIRR rate from NYC to Ronkonkoma is $28.50/pp round trip and from NYC to Babylon it is $24/pp round trip off peak.

The travel time with our vehicles from Ronkonkoma to a majority of the North Fork Wineries is 60 to 75 Minutes.
Another alternative mass transportation option is the Hampton Jitney Luxury Bus service departing out of Manhattan and returning to same, upper East Side with much less frequent schedule, but with greater options during late Spring, Summer and early Fall. The Hampton Jitney round trip as of Fall 2019 was $46/pp.

And finally we offer the option to take mass transportation one way and take your wine tour reserved vehicle the other way.


East End Wine Tasting Tours does not offer regular "scheduled" tours from NYC. In other words, we do not offer the option to join a larger group of people, let's say 20-50 group sizes, who are unknown to each other and on a regular schedule. Out company 'will' be offering this option but for small groups of 12 people in Sprinter Coach style vehicles. All of our tours are customized to a group of friends, co-workers, prearranged tourist groups, etc. And don't let the term " customized" scare you to think this cost more money. Whatever the wineries charge us, is what you pay*.

Most of those large tour or regular scheduled tours will be headed to (3) wineries, where 95% of all groups tend to head to, especially on weekends. There is nothing wrong with this type of tour. But, it is easy to figure out that you will be with the "masses" whereby most wineries do not have reserved seating.  Perhaps there may be one lower premium winery in the mix but most premium wineries do not take more than 25 people. There are (3) Premium Long Island Wineries that we can think of that will take 30-50 people.

So, all we are saying is that we deal with (35+) venues during the course of 1-2 years. Whether we have groups heading to party with the masses, or small groups heading to boutique wineries off the beaten path, to mid range or better wineries that allow boxed lunches inside their tasting rooms coupled with reserved seating as well as table side introduction of each wine by a personal server, to a large variety of premium wineries with reserved seating, we offer it all. East End Wine Tours also offers 'touring of a vineyard" which several wineries offer. Unfortunately, tours of vineyards are not free, but they offer a different view into the winery. Anthony, of Sannino Vineyard, has the top 10 tours in the USA over the past 7-8 years, and the only winery on Long Island to make the list by Trip Advisor and USA today. We also offer corporate event wine tours and provide a mix of venues across your budget including the Macari Barrel Cellar option. RGNY offers their Manor House 3 hour package ( Manor House is former residence of the late Mr Entenmann formerly Martha Clara vineyard) as well as Rose and Anakin's Garden Premium++ options complete with Wine tastings, seating, Glass of wine, welcoming snacks and much more.


Boxed Lunches offered by our wine tour company are thru local North Fork caterers as well as South Fork or Hampton caterers.Boxed Lunches are permitted at (9) out of the (35+) Long Island vineyards that we offer, which is all the venues that permit "for-hire" vehicles. However, in some cases limousine, buses or vans are not permitted.
(2) Wineries out of the (9) venues that permit Boxed Lunches, allow these lunches inside, with reserved seating as well as table-introduction to each wine poured, as long as the group is well behaved.
(1) of those (2) Wineries permitting the Boxed Lunches inside, only permits this from Nov 1 to end weekend in May. After, they offer their own Lunch and Wine Event.
The (7) other venues that allow boxed Lunches, do not allow food inside. These venues are generally the economical and some mid-range popular. Since there are no reserved seating at those particular venues, it is a first come, 1st sits down type of deal.

Lunch offered by Wineries? There is only (1) Winery that is officially designated as a restaurant or legally permitted to cook and serve food, Jamesport Vineyards' NOFO Pizza Company. If you are thinking is this an inexpensive option, not really. The wine tastings, along with the optional lunch is north of $80/pp alone. And they are filled every Saturday during peak season. It is one of the best places to be when the sun is shining.
Also Greenport Harbor Brewery has a self-served style restaurant. Riverhead Cider House also incorporates a restaurant as this resembles one large warehouse.
Some of the wineries have premium priced packages that include lunch, such as The Old Field and RGNY.

Food Trucks: Are found mainly on weekends at certain wineries and also at a Farm Brewery in the town of Riverhead only. In the town of Southold, whereby a majority of the wineries are located, there is a "ban" of food trucks. A few wineries have worked around this "ban". Of course the North Fork Table Food Truck is open on weekends and not affected by this legal action. Don't ask, it's ridiculous.

Prix Fixe Lunches at Restaurants: A couple of local restaurants, Amano and Alure Chowder, each offer prix fixe lunches 3-course meals, mainly on Weekends. This will require 1.5 to 2 hours extra, depending on the size of the group, which there are limitations.
This page is a work in progress - Feb 2020 - if you are interested in a tour quote form NYC, please see our contact page or click here and provide as much information as you can. Thank you for your patience
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